CASA Program Director, Tri-County CASA Full-time, Exempt, Hire date: Until Position Filled

Position Purpose:

The Bluebonnet Children’s Center is an umbrella corporation housing both a Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) and Tri-County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program. The CASA Program Director oversees and manages all aspects of the CASA Program and reports directly to the Executive Director. The principal duties of the position include: overseeing, recruiting, training and supervision of CASA volunteers and program staff. The CASA Program Director is responsible for the expansion/enhancement of services provided by the program. The CASA Program Director assists the Executive Director with funding development and maintenance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Administration Upholds the credibility, integrity, and dignity of Tri-County CASA conducting all business in an honest, fair, professional, confidential, and compassionate manner. Ensures compliance with appropriate program guidelines, protocols, rules, regulations, standards, and statutes of all governing bodies. Maintains operations for the organization. Responsible for maintaining relationships with Texas CASA and National CASA. Maintains complete, accurate and current records as applicable. Assists Executive Director in establishment of office policies and procedures. Coordinates workflow and will be familiar with internal filing and reporting systems(Optima). Re-initiate Memorandum of Understanding with local Courts and CPS every two years. Produce Quarterly Reports. Performs all other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.        
Direct Services Supervise the CASA volunteers to ensure casework is being done correctly. Oversee the coordination and facilitation of the training component. Regularly meet with CASA volunteers to discuss case progress on individual cases. Assist volunteers as needed with investigating cases and maintaining minimum standards of casework. Assist volunteers as needed in preparing court reports and ensure that reports are filed with the court prior to the hearing. Attend court hearings, Permanency Planning Team meeting and other meetings regarding CASA caseload with volunteer. Reports regularly, not less than monthly to the Executive Director, the organization’s activities, and program opportunities.
Financial and Records Management Assist Executive Director in preparing annual CASA budget. Assist Executive Director in preparing monthly reimbursement submissions. Assist Executive Director with grant writing and research for government crime victim grants. Assist Executive Director with VOCA and Crime Victim Grant reports. Monitors the Programs financial position to ensure solvency and full utilization of funds. Assist Executive Director with fund development. Submits bills and expenditures timely for reimbursement and accounting      Personnel Provides overall direction and management of CASA staff. Ensures that program staff is aware of and in compliance with agency policies and procedures. Coordinates staff development and in-service opportunities. Assist in recruiting and cultivating volunteers. Assures that all staff members receive appropriate training and staff development. Participate in volunteer recognition activities and events. Provide training and guidance to staff adequate to make sure that our agency is in compliance with minimum expectations of service to each case and with CASA standards. Volunteer training and in-service training. Advise the Executive Director of problems or concerns with volunteers and staff. Maintain volunteer files. Training and guidance to staff and volunteers on Child Protective Services Standards and Policies.

Public/Community Relations Disseminates information to the community regarding the mission, goals, and activities of the Program. Actively seeks opportunities to increase public awareness regarding child abuse/neglect by participating in abuse/neglect activities. Serves as agency representative on/at community committee meetings and special events that are related to casework, volunteer/staff management and as directed by Executive Director. Develops and maintains relationships with other Medina, Real and Uvalde service providers. Available for speaking to local groups and/ to educate the community about the CASA Program. Participate and assist in planning April Child Abuse Awareness activities. Appropriate outreach and interaction with elected officials to promote the mission of Tri-County CASA.

Fundraising Assists Executive Director in Identifying funding opportunities consistent with CASA’s mission and goals. Cultivates donor relationships. Actively seeks grant and funding opportunities.

Program Development Develops and recommends plans for the CASA Program. Keeps current regarding local, state, and national issues important to the development of effective program services. Attend available conferences and workshops for the development of the CASA program. Serve on appropriate community committees and task forces. Conduct orientation of new CASA volunteers. Make program decisions in consultation with Executive Director.  
Education/Work Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, counseling, social work or related field or minimum of five years’ experience in related field with previous non-profit administrative experience. At least 5 years’ experience in child abuse field preferred. Demonstrated life experiences showing strong empathy for abused and neglected children and non-offending caregivers. Considerable knowledge of community resources and services available to children and families. High level of written and oral communication skills, organization skills, computer skills, collaborative capabilities and presentation and training skills. Knowledge of obtaining grants and/or grant writing. Strong financial management skills. Possess knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of child abuse, legal and child welfare system. Capable of managing employees and volunteers. Occasional travel is required. Must be willing to work some evenings and weekends. Employment is dependent on criminal background check, including criminal and CPS clearances.              
Physical Requirements: Ability to safely and successfully perform the essential job functions consistent with the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state and local standards, including meeting qualitative and/or quantitative productivity standards. Ability to maintain regular and punctual attendance consistent with the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state, and local standards. Must be able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds. Must be able to talk, listen, and speak clearly on telephone. Must have dependable transportation. Must have current Texas Driver’s License. Salary Range: $45,000- $65,000  

For more information contact:

Jayme Johnston- Executive Director- (830) 486-8848